“Elements” is our beginners class at CrossFit Peachtree.  This class focuses on teaching foundational movements used in CrossFit and learn good form and technique.  Each class will end in a Metcon; so don’t worry you still get a great workout!  Everyone new to CrossFit is required to go through this class, which meets on Monday thru Thursday night at 7 pm for two weeks.  Please commit to attending each night for the two week period,  please email if you have any further questions.  (Next start dates are: November 26, December 10, and January 7)  At the end of those two weeks your coach will graduate you once they fell confident in your progress. Once you have graduated, you will be allowed to participate in any of our advanced classes and Olympic lifting classes.

The Advanced CrossFit classes at CFPT focus on constantly varied functional movements, performed at a high intensity.  Each class will consist of a group warm-up and stretch, weightlifting or gymnastics, and a Metcon (metabolic conditioning).  Members will push themselves to work hard, while keeping good form and technique.

Olympic Weightlifting and Buckhead Barbell Club

Our Olympic Weightlifting class and the Buckhead Barbell Club focus on the three contested Olympic lifts which are the Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk.  Weightlifting is unique in that, with on fluid lift you can work an athletes explosive power, control of external objects and help them master critical motor recruitment patterns.  Strength is vital to one’s health and keeping you moving at your best.  Beginner athletes will focus on technique while keeping weight light, while more advanced athletes will work up in weight faster and focus on building strength and power.

The Buckhead Barbell Club is a group of individuals within CrossFit Peachtree that compete at weightlifting meets around the Atlanta area. You must be a member of the gym and pay your USA Weightlifting membership ($50 per year). When competing choose Buckhead Barbell Club as your club when registering.

Membership to the Olympic Lifting class give you access to coached classes four times per week and unlimited use of the only room during normal business hours.

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